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The Coming New American Order: When Big Brother Will Do More Than Watch Nick Ghitea

The Coming New American Order: When Big Brother Will Do More Than Watch

Nick Ghitea

Published January 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781463681609
294 pages
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 About the Book 

Author Nick Ghitea describes his novel The Coming New American Order: When Big Brother Will Do More Than Watch (ISBN 1463681607) as his vision of what America could become in the future. Looking at current events and contemplating the last few decades, the author realized that America has changed significantly as its manufacturing base has moved overseas, half the population is dependent on government assistance in some form, the real estate market is down and millions of people are without a job. Many analysts are predicting trouble ahead due to the governments fiscal policies in the form of printing money, or the lack of them, in the form of its inability to create a realistic fiscal budget, much less to make a significant effort to reduce the national debt. These current events are a real concern for many, but Ghitea believes that another area of concern is the countrys total dependence on technology, be it computers people use on a daily basis, or the Internet network that ties it together or the microprocessors that are in all the cars, appliances, phones, or industrial machines. Virtually all aspects of modern life are affected or controlled by computers. America is totally dependent on technology and, based on previous events, its enemies will do the unexpected. All one has to do is to look at Pearl Harbor and the events of 9/11. With this in mind, the premise of the book is a cyber attack on the stock exchange which would become a catastrophic event. A sophisticated cyber attack on the stock market would produce losses for many investors which could panic and send the stock market plunging. With the crash of the stock market, the entire economy would plunge into a depression. While many Americans do not believe this is possible, simply because this is America, history has shown us that it did happen before, during the Great Depression. The solution was to give the government unheard of powers to control the economy and the personal lives of the citizens. If history is going to repeat itself, the next depression will give the government total control. Why? Simply because it will be necessary to create a new society that overcomes the weaknesses of the old system and a new financial system based not on paper money, but on electronic funds, will be created. In fact, much of this already exists today in the form of electronic transactions- the only missing link is the human part of the equation. It is necessary to uniquely identify human beings in a very secure way and implantable microchips would be the perfect solution. At this point, implantable microchip technology is in its infancy and its used only on animals, but with time it will become mature and will be routinely used on people. Once accepted by the masses, this new technology would give the government control over everybody and will usher in a New American Order.